Owing to the stigma and ignorance that has been slow to lift around mental health issues, client confidentiality is strictly adhered to; it is imperative that clients feel they can move freely to appointments devoid of scrutiny and prejudice, real or perceived.

The venue address is reserved solely for those wishing to make an appointment or have been tasked with permission to make appointments on behave of others.

Enquirys are reminded the venue is approx 1 hour from Belfast and Dublin, adequately served by public transport. Arrangements can also be made to visit clients on the provision of a secure and agreeable environment.



  • “When you come to a complete standstill, you have to start again,
    If you need help incorporating perspective and priorities starting again – get it!”

    H,H – Belfast & Douglas I.O.M
    (burn out / nervous exhaustion)


  • “had to be dragged to appointment, glad I was and glad I went.”

    Dazzy – Belfast
    (PTSD and Depression)

  • “Changes occur every second of every day they’re not all bad…
    True thanks”

    Marc – Dublin

  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…”

    Sonya – Rwanda / UK

  • “Struggled all my life asking ‘why..?’
    I am struggling smart now and my question is answered”

    David B – London
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Still on Journey..”

    Oliver – Kent
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Thank you Paul for helping us
    make sense of our loss…”

    David – Belfast

  • “Called when visiting Scotland and Ireland,
    worthwhile visit – going to do it again…”

    Pat –  Illinois USA
     (recovering alcoholic)