• “When you come to a complete standstill, you have to start again,
    If you need help incorporating perspective and priorities starting again – get it!”

    H,H – Belfast & Douglas I.O.M
    (burn out / nervous exhaustion)

  • “had to be dragged to appointment, glad I was and glad I went.”

    Dazzy – Belfast
    (PTSD and Depression)

  • ‚ÄúChanges occur every second of every day they’re not all bad…
    True thanks”

    Marc – Dublin

  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…”

    Sonya – Rwanda / UK

  • “Struggled all my life asking ‘why..?’
    I am struggling smart now and my question is answered”

    David B – London
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Still on Journey..”

    Oliver – Kent
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Thank you Paul for helping us
    make sense of our loss…”

    David – Belfast

  • “Called when visiting Scotland and Ireland,
    worthwhile visit – going to do it again…”

    Pat –  Illinois USA
     (recovering alcoholic)