Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

You could do more than those a favour; looking to be re-homed from the lovable rogues gallery at Battersea Dogs and Cats home, from wide boys to aristocrats, worn out hard workers, resilient old bitches and gentle souls trapped, unable to live up to their tough reputation.

Many of them hardbitten and all down on their luck for one reason or excuse off another. Some have had their unrivalled loyalty and devotion reciprocated with neglect, which was the very reason that spurred Mary Tealby of Holloway to open a temporary dog refuge on St. James road 1860, later to be relocated in 1871 and going on to be Battersea dogs home as we knew it then, and officially Battersea dogs and cats home since 2002.

Just how long dogs have fell in alongside us, is debatable, as is the definition of domestication, meaning tame and having a dependency on us. At least 10,000 years they have been by our side and nothing has endeared itself so much to humankind as the dog.
Their more obvious traits that make them charismatic to us, character, personality, and above all loyalty is belayed by a simple hierarchy of needs manifesting itself as gratitude, which when observed is the wisest council and therapy your ever likely to get dispensed with in calm non judgemental manner if sometimes indifferent.

They made Pavlov famous and almost exclusively with some help from a bell, got him a Noble prize – he worked out they liked biscuits! More recently scientific research has shown that dogs just don’t depend on us for the ulterior motive off being fed, they actually hold us in great affectionate esteem and love us and although I never get tired off hearing anything favourable about dogs I must say, this didn’t come as much off a revelation to me or any other dog owner I am sure?

Further anecdotal evidence and scientific research shows dog owners tend to be more healthy, I walk 30 hours every month on average in the company off my dog, which certainly covers the physical aspect of that theory, I find this walking meditative and believe it panders to something hard-wired into our programming from years of evolution in each others company.

It may be this long acquaintance that has honed the dogs already astute instinct making it more specific to us, picking up on the most subtle off changes from silences to tone, mood and facial expressions, and now also believed changes in our physiology notifying diabetic owners when blood sugar level is low, and warning other owners who suffer from seizures of impending fits. Dog owners who suffer a heart attack are less likely to die within a year from those who don’t own a dog. This would have as much to do with the tasks entailed in nurturing of a pet and when combined with the almost perfect exercise off walking, makes recovery pro-active and more purposeful.

Anyone exploring the possibilities off getting a dog needs to bear in mind, they are no push over and are capable off wrapping us around their dew claw, like us they have basic needs but in stark contrast they manage to separate these needs from torturous wants.
Your first port of call could be the Battersea dogs & cats home 4 Battersea Park Road London, (or any dog and cat sanctuary) they will offset any initial impulse off taking on the responsibility, by educating and warning a dog could be very disruptive to sedentary lifestyles, isolation, rumination and could contribute to the neglect of worry, mobile phones, online activity excusing you briefly from global guilt or the endless stream of irrelevant nonsense which causes a peculiar sort off modern day paralysis.  In return you could be subjected to unsolicited outbreaks off perspective and humour usually at the expense off, reverence and the Status Quo.

Even worse you could drop your guard and commit London’s mortal sin by acknowledging a total stranger as you pass by simply on the premise you both happen to be human beings and walking your dogs.


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