Paul Gerald Health is dedicated too, but not solely a holistic non-pharmacological understanding of health extending the individuals threshold enabling them to manage their lives through encouraging the acquisition or retrieval of coping skills/ strategies we all processed but have been exchanged for the short term and short lived conveniences of immediate apparent advantages that by treating symptoms alone creates more symptoms.

The danger of which pushes cause and just as importantly potential solutions further outside of the awareness of the sufferer; it is only through  a careful and shared introspection that a chief compliant and any comorbidity that may have arisen from the neglect of that compliant be established.

As a curative process formulated based entirely around the individuals personal
frame of reference and priorities. Having worked with many clients privately
and consulting with charities both locally and overseas with those presenting with
stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, depression & bereavement.

Those suffering from these conditions and disorders have reported great success
after engaging in a number of programmes I have developed and presented.

Delivered in the format of hourly sessions, one day workshops, and processes
extending to eight weeks. Appointments are held in the scenic Mourne mountains
approx one hour from Belfast and Dublin which has received people from throughout
Ireland, the British Isles Europe and the USA.

Consideration is also given to those who feel unable to travel, to be visited depending
on dairy and the provision of a suitable secure environment; if unresolved issues are
burdening your daily life and making you fearful of the future use your enquiry with me
as your first step of reorienting or just making a change.

  • “When you come to a complete standstill, you have to start again,
    If you need help incorporating perspective and priorities starting again – get it!”

    H,H – Belfast & Douglas I.O.M
    (burn out / nervous exhaustion)


  • “had to be dragged to appointment, glad I was and glad I went.”

    Dazzy – Belfast
    (PTSD and Depression)

  • “Changes occur every second of every day they’re not all bad…
    True thanks”

    Marc – Dublin

  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…”

    Sonya – Rwanda / UK

  • “Struggled all my life asking ‘why..?’
    I am struggling smart now and my question is answered”

    David B – London
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Still on Journey..”

    Oliver – Kent
    (survivor of clerical abuse)

  • “Thank you Paul for helping us
    make sense of our loss…”

    David – Belfast

  • “Called when visiting Scotland and Ireland,
    worthwhile visit – going to do it again…”

    Pat –  Illinois USA
     (recovering alcoholic)