At the sight of the burned out remains off Grenfell tower – you automatically think of building collapses and similar occurrences that only take place in the far flung ghettos usually situated on the periphery –  but out of sight of the prosperous cities in banana republics, the inhabitants of which provide the manpower for the service industries that serve them. In a venal fog, nods and winks are given and backhanders are passed in envelopes to get things signed. You cant help think of the Sicilian Mafia activities during the rebuilding of Palermo.

Of course when these avoidable tragedy’s come to fruition the guilty disappear to eye the lower ranks among their corporations deciding who is to be fed to the wolves, their disappearance is filled by experts who only explain their expertise in a retrospective context but never to alert?
The sequence then follows, those from high office arrive at the scene only after the feelers have been put out, and at best glibly patronise  people and at worse seeming to take the credit for the community’s response to galvanise by telling us how great our spirit is. Like it was something they inspired.

This would have been no less a scandal anywhere,  but in the best known capital of one the most advanced countries in the world, you have to pinch yourself. It is no less shocking than the possibility of the great plague making a return to London. That in 2017 some off the deceased killed in this fire may never be identified their passing cant be mourned by a funeral and the thought that somebody maybe five years from now, may wonder why they never heard from a certain person again, how could people be let down so badly in this day and age? And further compounded by the fact that the residents repeatedly raised concerns only to have them ignored. Scandalous!

The only thing that pierces the cycle off numbing shock and rage as we watch this unfold is learning that our reaction to pain loss and grief, irrespective off who we pray too or don’t our colour or creed human anguish is felt equally by all. And that our first response irrespective off differences is one of empathy to the suffering off fellow human beings. This was evident as many people who make up the collective known as ordinary, came forward to help and assist.

Having worked with many bereaved people in the past I had to reluctantly accept there is not cure for bereavement but the only effective treatment seemed to be occupancy and the only thing that remedied injustice was justice. Sadiq Khan unlike Theresa may who keep a safe distance from ‘the great unwashed’, has learned early, anybody from public office who is going to Grenfell towers expecting to find fools had better bring some with them; because there appears to be a lot of very able people there, and as angry as they are now, I don’t think that aspect off grief has half started yet.

Rightfully there is going to be an outcry regarding this – indeed its going to be an integral part of the  bereaved and victims recovery process helping provide  closure which is going to be a long days journey from now, and may only be partial closure for many.

No matter what caused this fire this was foreseeable and actually a prophecy of the residents which unfortunately came to pass. Wednesday 14th of June 2017 should be marked as a day off national disgrace and a turning point, a time for candour and full transparency leading to justice for those affected by this tragedy.


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